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Hi Alice,

Both Mark and I wish to thank you sincerely for a wonderful holiday, every minute was fantastic. Our families and friends have been very interest to hear of our adventures and there is so much to speak about.

All the guides Mr Bang, Mr Dai, Mr Sohpan, Ms Lu including all the great drivers couldn't have done more for us. Please pass on our gratitude and sincere thanks for allowing us to experience a wonderful holiday in a country "that never stops".

Our introduction to the north - Hanoi, Sapa thanks to Mr Bang's enthusiastic energy, beautiful nature, lovely personality, quick wit and expanse of knowledge gave us a good insight of the historical events, customs and daily activities. The introduction to the life of the village people at the Ethnology Museum in Hanoi prior to our visit in the northwest was very informative and allowed us to appreciate the village peoples customs. Bang ensured our accommodation on the train to/from Sapa was comfortable and prepared us by explaining how to address the many village people waiting for our attention.

As planned Mr Sophan met us in Seim Reap, his lovely gentle personality and cheerful manner allowed us to experience an unforgettable time touring five temples - Angkor Wat, The Bayon, Ta Prohm, Beng Mealea and Banteay Srie . The engraving and sculptures on the temples were mind boggling, he had us entranced as he "read" the fascinating stories that were engraved on the walls. Mr Sophan gave us many opportunities to capture some wonderful photos, along with his expertise of being able to provide so much intriguing history and information on the sites we were able to overlook the heat of the day.

Then of cause we had the opportunity of meeting yourself, another highlight of our trip - Alice it has been a delight communicating. Initially I was unsure how to organise the holiday - as Mark & I seek active holidays and we soon realised our local travel agent wasn't the answer, you came to our aid. A sincere thankyou for allowing us to be blessed with such a wonderful group of guides, drivers, experiences that we will remember and talk about for a long time yet to come.

Finally, please say hello and thank Ms Lu for her beautiful assistance in Saigon - we are still wondering - did she ever go out for dinner with a particular guide that seemed keen!! :)

Love and appreciation.
Email: joanne_alchin@hotmail.com
Joanne and Mark from Australia – April 2015.
Здравствуйте, Толя!!! Хочу сказать Вам большое спасибо за наш замечательный отдых!!!! Извините, что так поздно!!! Много дел!!! Надеюсь, что снова воспользуюсь Вашей помощью!!!

С благодарностью Лена!!!!!
Email: lenusha2359@mail.ru
Elena Tarakanova from Russia – April 2015.
Hello Mr Phong,

My wife and I have returned from our Vietnam trip and we had a wonderful time in your country.

All our travel plans went without any hitches and we would like to thank you for all that you did for us in arranging our travel and making recommendations.

The only change we would make if we were to travel to Vn again or would recommend to our friends , would be to have a Private Tour to the Mekong. (The Cu Chi Tunnels Private Tour was excellent). We found the large Bus tour to be a very long and drawn out tour (25 people) which had we done it as a private tour like we did for the Cu Chi Tunnels would have been much more enjoyable I believe.

Thank you again for your assistance.

With our best wishes,
Email: blackrg@bigpond.com
Ross Black from Australia – April 2015.
Hi Alice.

Arrived safely in San Francisco yesterday. Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful tour you arranged for us and it was great to meet you in Saigon. Our Cambodia trip was great in spite of the heat. Our guide, Chan, arranged our excursions to the temples well so we saw most of them before it got so hot and our driver always had cold water and cold wipes ready when we got back to the car.

I will definitely let family and friends know about the great service you provide.

Email: r_amora@yahoo.com
Rowena Amora from United Stated – March 2015.
Здравствуйте, Анн! Мы вернулись из нашего путешествия в Санкт-Петербург!. Спасибо вашей компании и Вам лично за прекрасный отдых! Первый раз в жизни уезжая из страны, в которой отдыхала я плакала! Остались самые приятные впечатления от пребывания во Вьетнаме! Что поразило - это люди! Какие же у вас красивые люди! Притом и женщины и мужчины! С выбором отеля мы не ошиблись, он даже еще лучше, чем на фото в интернете.

Моя семья довольна поездкой и отличным сервисом. Мы оставили отзыв в книге гостей отеля. Мы очень надеемся, что экономический кризис в нашей стране пройдет и я снова вам напишу письмо с просьбой забронировать для нас отель в Муйне. Спасибо, Анн! Спасибо Вьетнам!

Куклу для вас специально заказывала у наших мастеров росписи по дереву. Я очень хотела, чтобы частичка России и нашего сердца осталась во Вьетнаме вместе с вами! Еще раз спасибо. Дальнейших вам успехов! С уважением и благодарностью, Жанна.
Email: i-oganna@yandex.ru
Zanna from Russia – January 2015.
Dear Alice,

Thank you once again for making our trip so good, we had a great time, all our guides were wonderful. And all the local restaurants and there food was so good, I put on a few KG.
You have a beautiful country, and the people are beautiful also.
Doug and Maureen also send their thanks.
Maria and I love Vietnam we will be back again.

Email: bri.mar@westnet.com.au
Brian and Maria Power from Australia – August 2014.
Дорогие коллеги!

Большое спасибо вам за помощь в организации отдыха! Всё было отлично, обязательно буду еще обращаться к вам!
Желаю вам всего самого хорошего!

С уважением,
Email: zina4moscow@mail.ru
Zinaida Shelaeva from Russia – June 2014.
Hi Alice,

Just a short note to thank you so much for the organisation of our trip, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The itinerary & tour guides were awesome, it was so hard to go back to work. Sorry it has taken me so long to send this email. We were so glad we did actually get to meet you & thank you for the lovely gift, a very unexpected surprise. It is on show in our lounge room. We have told all our friends & work colleagues about the great trip we had & have recommended you to them all.

Thanking you once again!
Email: gnewling8@bigpond.com
Lynne & Gordon from Australia – June 2014.
Thank you for booking our tours in Saigon!

We were very impressed with our private tour of the city and very pleased with our two tours to Chu chi and the Mekong Delta. Our guides were very professional , especially Kho who was our guide for the full day Mekong tour. He certainly knew his subject and made for a very pleasant day. We are back in Australia and finding it rather cold.
Once again thank you, and it was lovely to meet you. I will certainly recommend your agency to all my friends.

Cheers Marg!
Email: margaret.hickey7@bigpond.com
Margaret Hickey from Australia – May 2014.
Dear Phong

We arrived home in Wodonga in the early hours of Tuesday morning. We had a lovely time in VN once again and look forward to going again in the future.
It was nice to catch up with you and have drinks. You look very well and hope you had a nice few days with your family.
We are meeting our friend Margaret Hickey next week and I will give her your contact number as she is planning to go to HCMC in the next few months with her friend.

Again, thank you for all you have done for us.

Kindest regards,
Email: pkscanlon@gmail.com
Paul Scanlon from Australia – April 2014.
Dear Tina,

We're back home after our short holiday, and catching up with things. We enjoyed our time in Vietnam and Cambodia very much. The itinerary worked out well and everything went smoothly, with no hassles. The hotels were comfortable and the food everywhere was good! Thank you for all your efforts! We'll definitely be recommending your agency to friends who're interested in Vietnam/Cambodia. Here are a few things we particularly enjoyed:
• Even though the weather was rainy, we really liked the cruise in Halong bay. The service on board was great, but the highlight was the delicious food!
• The temples in Siem Reap were amazing; our guide (Mr. Lee) was very well-informed and courteous. He explained not just the sights we were seeing but took an interest in telling us about Cambodia in general. He also tried to remember our names, which was nice.
• We enjoyed our short time in Hoian, especially walking around the town in the evening when the lanterns were lit. • The cruise on the Mekong delta was interesting.
We don’t have any complaints, just a few suggestions:
• It would be good if the walking tour in Hoian didn't start with the silk and tailor shop. As the tour was only for a few hours, we were eager to see the town, and would have preferred to visit the shop at the end of the tour, rather than right at the beginning.
• Some of the guides could be a bit more proactive and friendly, in giving information regarding the sites as well as updating us on activities planned.
Thanks again for helping us plan this trip, and for making sure everything went well.

Kind regards,
Email: hannah.rajasingh@gmail.com
Hannah & Vandy from India – March, 2014.
Dear Ms. Ann

Thank you once again for your assistance. They refunded the money just on the next day after you send them my message. So the incident is over. I'm glad to collaborate with you very much! Your service is really the best. Surely I will tell my friends about your company and maybe you will get new customers. Also I think we will back to Vietnam next winter or early spring. We will test some new destination, Fucoc for example. And I will need your advise and assistance again. Good luck to you and your company!

Best regards,
Email: grabarov@yahoo.com
Alexey Grabarov from Russia – March, 2014.
Здравствуйте м-р Толя!

Мы вернулись из путешествия по Вьетнаму.Очень благодарны за хорошо организованную поездку по Ханою и Халонгу. Большое спасибо м-ру Ване за интересный рассказ о Вьетнаме и его традициях,за внимание и заботу. Нам очень понравилась ваша прекрасная страна.

Очень хочется вернуться вновь. Надеемся, что наши мечты сбудутся.

С уважением и благодарностью, семьи Калининых и Ярмоленко.
Email: kvadra_2005@inbox.ru
Kalinin & Yarmolenko from Russia – March, 2014.
Dear Alice,

Our trip home was uneventful and our photographs are great. Thanks again for your help in retrieving our camera.

We want to say how much we enjoyed our trip and thank you for your attention to detail and getting things just right for us. We really had no idea what we wanted especially in Laos and Cambodia. We were absolutely thrilled with the itinerary you put together for us. It was a real pleasure to have everything organised and we appreciated the professionalism of the guides and drivers.

It was also real pleasure to have everything go so smoothly, even though we were a little concerned over the change of hotel in Siem Reap ( this was only the second hotel of our trip) and we were somewhat worried that these changes might continue throughout the trip. Your intervention at 11.30 pm no doubt helped ....in the end it worked out well and we shall never forget our stay there!

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and Sun 'n Sea in the future. We wish you and your family well and say a BIG thank you again.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Elaine and Len (Arne) Lindell.
Email: elainelindell@yahoo.com.au
Elaine and Len (Arne) Lindell from Australia – March, 2014.
Толя, здравствуйте.

Хочу сказать большое спасибо за помощь в организации нашего отдыха. Нам все понравилось, все было просто замечательно!!!

Максим и Надежда.
Email: s_maxim@mail.ru
Maxim & Nazejda from Russia – March, 2014.
Hi Phong,

I am back at work and ‘nearly’ caught up with all my email backlog but did want to take time out to thank you properly for all your efforts on our trip. Both George and I are very pleased and appreciative. We have seen so much and met so many wonderful people - it was fantastic experience!

I am so glad you recommended the Bassac cruise, it was a total surprise compared to our expectations. My only regret is that we did not book for two nights aboard. Tong (I’m not sure of her exact name) was the guide for the English speaking passengers and she surely made ‘her family’ feel welcomed. ‘My family, my family.’ She is new to the position but certainly a gem.

The Le Meridien in Chiang Mai was upgraded to a corner suite and we were completely overwhelmed. Thank you! All the hotels were within walking distance of shops and restaurants – couldn’t have been better. We enjoyed them all.

I had mentioned our guide in Cambodia (Uy Vannak) in a previous note but wanted to say again that he provided excellent service and you should definitely remember his name for special clients. Our driver, Mr. Wei, and Vannak made a wonderful team. If we should ever return, I would definitely request them again.

Kay (in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai) was exceptional as well. I think she speaks better English than I.

I could go on and on but would never be able to cover everything. Can’t wait to get started on organizing the pictures (thousands….) that George took. It will be like reliving the whole journey once more.

Thank you again Phong!

Kindest Regards,

Doris & George.
Email: dcderifield@eglng.com
Doris & George from America – February, 2014.
Анн, добрый день.

Хотела поблагодарить за отличную работу. Нам все очень понравилось и я с радостью буду рекомендовать вас своим друзьям.

Всего наилучшего!
Email: ekaterina30081973@mail.ru
Ekaterina Tumanova – February, 2014.
Dear Anh Phong,

Thank you very much for the email!

About the tour: As I know the tour is very successful. Everybody enjoyed the trip! So I think after the stabilization of situation in our country the next group will be larger.

Thank you very much for a good cooperation. To work for the first time with new partner is always uncertainty. That is why I am very grateful for such a good tour!

Best regards,

Olena Levytska.
Email: ol@dykun.com.ua
Olena Levytska from Ukraine – February, 2014.
Hello Alice,

We are back home and enjoying the memories of the beautiful trip to Vietnam. It was a way to discover this country which has a recent story and see how the people are growing and geared to modernity on one side and keeping traditions on the other.

All went well, we were taken care even more then expected by the guides that were assigned to us (particularly Vi, the one that followed us from Hanoi to Sapa Halong etc. very nice man).

Accommodation all OK (only the location of the Hotel in SGN “The Northern” to walk to the center we had to go through two small roads that in the evening made a bit of concern .however not a major problem.

Cycling: honestly I thought we should have moved on a bike, have learn after that if fact it was rick show ride. Although it was picturesque we would have preferred to go by walk.

Nice resort at Hoian : unfortunately we were not fortunate with the weather and it was cold the two days we stayed there, however Hoian city is very beautiful.

Weather terrible also in SAPA but we tried to get the most by observing the people and their traditions.

Halong here again the weather was not with us…lot of fog but we enjoyed.

Mekong cruise, the best: for a chance the boat had no other pax then us and you can imagine how well we have been taken care. We met a nice beautiful hostess her name is LAN.

All in all it was great, we thank you again for the organization and rest assured that we will not hesitate to recommend your organization should anyone ask for it.

A warm hug,

Francesco & Silvana.
Email: fcampironi@gmail.com
Francesco & Silvana from Italy – February, 2014.
Dear tina,

Finally back in brazil! everything went fine!!! thank you so much!


Email: lf@leonardofinotti.com
Leonardo Finotti from Brazil – January, 2014.
Dear Ms. Ann,

We're at home. I want to thank you for organizing a wonderful trip to Vietnam. Everything was perfect. Guides and drivers were highly professional. Vietnam is a wonderful country and wonderful people. )))))

Thank you,
With Warm Regards

Svetlana Vasilieva and Company.
Email: orgish66@yandex.ru
Svetlana Vasilieva and Company from Russia – January, 2014.
Hi Jenna,

Sorry to take a few days to respond just arrive to Puerto Rico a couple of days ago. improved your service????, you don’t have to do nothing , everything was super , we visit 5 different countries and all travel agencies work good …….BUT YOURS was super good if the other companies give a 100% do to everything ok , yours do 200% to do all excellent………….and you tour guide “BE” is a great person.

I run a company that sell in Puerto Rico , the Caribbean , south America and the USA, and have supplier here , the USA , and Asia , a good company is not only the one that give good service with normal an unhappy employee, are that the one that have excellent and happy employee to give that excellent service……..and you have it . Very glad I choose you to work our visit to Hanoi Vietnam.

Maybe this year or the next I will visit Ho Chi Minh City, and for sure I will contact you again.

Thank you for everything……………….gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Aguilar.
Email: tony@kramaspromo.com
Tony Aguilar from Puerto Rico – January, 2014.
Hello Tina,

The trip was very enjoyable indeed. The hotel we stayed at in Siem Reap was wonderful. The guides and driver were all very nice. I particularly was very impressed with our guide in Siem Reap. He was very patient and knoweldgeable. Thanks for the help. The only problem was the visa but other than that, I will surely recommend your company to my friends and family.

Take care,

Madelaine Aquino.
Email: maqddoc@hotmail.com
Madelaine Aquino from Philippine – February 2013.
Dear Mr. Phong,

Thank you very much for the wonderful tour in Vietnam. Everything was perfectly organised, all hotels very good, and of course two days on the boat were one interesting experiences.

Maybe, if my health condition allows me, I shall contact you in two years for another tour in Vietnam.

Best wishes and regards,

Bozidar Kokot.
Email: bozidar.kokot@zg.t-com.hr
Bozidar Kokot from Croatia – February 2013.
Dear Ms Jenna,

I wanted to thank you, our driver and guide and your company in general so much!! We had a wonderful trip.

• Your staff was competent, knowledgeable, polite, on time and with a good sense of humor.
• The route was well chosen.
• The Dalat hotel and the beach resort were true highlights.
• The food along the trip (w/ the exception of Dalat) was delicious.

Please forward this Email to your management and your staff.

Two truly satisfied customers of yours,

John Weingart and Nelia.
Email: weingartjb@gmail.com
John Weingart and Nelia from Germany – February 2013.
Hello Phong,

We have just returned from the wonderful journey through Vietnam. Everything was perfectly organised, we were very glad we have chosen your agency as it's really professional and can be recommended to everyone. As well as the V'spirit Cruses, which took us to Ha Long Bay - it was really beyond our expectations.

Thank you for the wonderful time we spend in Vietnam.


Patrycja Belka
Email: p_belka@o2.pl
Patrycja Belka from Poland – February 2013.
Добрый день, Толя!

Спасибо большое за хорошо организованный отдых, нам всё очень понравилось. Мы будем рекомендовать нашим друзьям организовывать свой отдых через Вашу фирму. Отдельная благодарность за то, что переводчицей работала Роза.

С уважением
Email: gorchakova@hotmail.com
Вера, Света from Russia – January 2013.
Здравствуйте Анн Чан ms!

Все было нормально. Мы уже дома во Владивостоке. Большое вам спасибо за оказанные услуги для нашего путешествия по вьетнаму.

Обязательно приедем еще и будем рекомендовать Вас своим друзьям и знакомым.
Email: 505335@mail.ru
Igor Sergeevich from Russia – January 2013.
Dear Alice,

Yes we have arrived on Saturday. Our trip was amazing. We all liked about Vietnam. As you kow i am moderator of a travelers clup. So i will publish all our photos in our face book than may be i can organise new tour to Vietnam with other guests.

Our guide was all good but especially Wee in Hanoi and Ra in Siem Reap were very kind and helpfull to us. All group was happy of their guadiance.Thanks for that too..Please say our thanks to them as well.

Best Wishes,

Hulya Sapmaz.
Email: hulya_izmir@msn.com
Hulya Sapmaz from Turkey – January 2013.
I must say Alice that our vacation was better than we ever could dream about!! You have been extremly nice to deal with and everything worked out 100%. We had a quit busy scedule but thanks to all eminent guides and especially very good drivers (Number one in Saigon!!!) there where no problem. And Mango bay was the very best place and thank God that we were able to stay there. And of course it was very nice to see you.

We really would like to come back and explore south of Vietnam and the Mekong delta and Laos and I hope that we can return to you and your magnificant service!!

I already told my friends to which travel agency they will choose!!

Best wishes and a warm hug from me and my friends!!

Cecilia Biorklund.
Email: biorklund@gmail.com
Cecilia Biorklund from Sweden – December 2012.
Hi Jenna,

Thanks for arranging our itinerary for us - we enjoyed our visit to Vietnam.

All the best,

George Pace
Email: george_pace@yahoo.com
George Pace from Astralia – December 2012.
Добрый день Ms. Ann!

Спасибо вам за организацию нашего отдыха, все прошло замечательно. Очень благодарны вам! Будем Вас рекомендовать своим друзьям!
Email: 20050322@ukr.net
Volodymyr Oleshko from Ukraine – November 2012.
Добрый день, Анатолий!

Вот мы и вернулись в холодную Москву! Спасибо вам большое за организацию нашего отдыха! Очень понравилась ваша страна, замечательные люди!!! Надеюсь, что мы еще вернемся!!!!

Удачи, всех благ, и всего самого наилучшего!!!!

С уважением,

Email: kutepovata@yandex.ru
Kutepova from Russia – November 2012.
Hi Alice

Sally and I arrived safely home on Friday and have shared many interesting stories with our friends and families already. We both agreed it was one of the best holidays we have ever had. You are certainly responsible for making everything so perfect and enjoyable. We were astonished just how smoothly everything went. The guides were fabulous and the hotels you picked could not be faulted.

Thanks again for the wonderful anniversary arrangements which thrilled us both. I think I will have a hard time beating that next year! The scenery and people of Vietnam are beautiful and we are sure we will return again to do the mountainside of Vietnam. Of course we will call on you to assist us again.

Thank you again also for the memorable gifts which are now on display in our home and we will light candles on a summer's night and think of you and all you have done for us.

Very best wishes to you,

Sally and Stephen from Australia
Email: stephenrobbins113@gmail.com
Sally and Stephen from Australia – October 2012.
Минь Чан,Здравствуйте!!!

Вот мы и дома.
Спасибо вам большое за организацию нашего отдыха!!!
Нам все очень понравилось!!!
Вьетнам великолепен!!!
Экскурсия с Ваней по Ханою просто отлично!!!Спасибо ему и большой от нас ПРИВЕТ!!!

С Уважением

Татьяна и Георгий
Email: taniuccia@bk.ru
Татьяна Ожигина - April 2012.
Hi Alice,

We had a fabulous time in Vietnam. It's the first time I've travelled as part of a tour and I must say it has certainly changed my perception of guided tours. I've always thought I'd rather travel at my own pace, do what I want and when. This tour proved to me how much time we waste working out where to go and how to get there - not to mention the very interesting background information provided by your guides. Their local knowledge of the area, people, culture, history is not something you would hear about if you were on your own...and such nice people (Long and Nguyen were stand outs)!!

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of you meeting us at the airport upon our arrival. I'm sure some of the others will forward their photos onto you. That was another thing - the personal touch - meeting us with the girls and the orchids at the airport was really lovely and very much appreciated.

I have passed your email onto a friend who hopes to visit Vietnam later in the year.

By the way it was my husband who played the guitar. We had such fun with that (as you heard on the bus). We had a number of sing alongs at Halong Bay as well. It was really special.

When I come back to Vietnam I will be sure to make arrangements through you. I loved the country and the people.

Thanks again Alice.

Deb and Peter Mehan.
Email: pmehan@internode.on.net
Peter Mehan - April 2012.
Dear Mr. Phong,

My wife and I have been to Vietnam several times over the past 7 years and we are amazed at the rate of change particularly in HCMC. It is becoming very cosmopolitan and expensive. No longer the continual sound of horns is heard which is good and the traffic actually now obeys traffic signals. Also we found Hoi An is much quieter than on our previous trip which may be due to the number of resorts between Danang and Hoi An and tourists staying in the resorts. We were most appreciative of the efforts of our travel agent in Vietnam, Mr Phong of Sun & Sea Travel.

Overall a great trip, entertaining and informative and we will return again in the future.
Email: pkscanlon@gmail.com
Paul Scanlon - April 2012.
Hello Alice,

My wife and I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all the organisation on our wonderful trip to Vietnam. Your organisation and planning was tremendous. I would like to commend the tour guides we had too. They were wonderful !

Special mention should go to both Long in Siagon and Nguyen in the North. They were outstanding. I hope to return to the area on another trip with Barry in the future and of course I’m sure he will rely on you to assist.

Once again many thanks.

Kind Regards,

Geoff and Maree Smeal

PS: We will send any photos of you and your staff in Siagon when we get around to sorting them.
Email: maree.smeal@bigpond.com
Maree Smeal - March 2012.
Hi Mr. Binh,

We enjoy shopping, walk around the street despite the wet weather, nothing much to buy hence I only bought coffee for my colleagues and go for coffee break while others go for foot massage, we quite like the local food there too.

Everything was fine, especially your driver……..and I am also very impressed with the water puppet show. Sure will recommend your service to all my friends who are going to visit Ho Chi Minh City in future.

Once again, thank you and have a nice weekend ahead.

Email: diana.soh@univac.com.sg
Diana Soh - October 2011.
Hi Bonnie

Thanks for your email and all your help during our stay in Vietnam. We loved your country and the people we meet as part of our travels.
Also we must say a very big thank you for the flowers and cake arranged on Philip's birthday, it was a very pleasant surprise. We very much enjoyed the cake!
Thank you for your prompt refund of the transfer and the visit fees which we did not expect.

We will be sure to recommend you to our friends.
Email: pandtr@vodafone.co.nz
Teresa and Philip - September, 2011.
Dear Mr.Phong

Thank you so much for the days we spend in Vietnam. From North to South Vietnam all the group enjoy very much our whole trip. We all are very very happy with your work and so I want also to send our congratulation to the agency Sun and Sea Travel. Guides, hotels, meals,landscapes and cities you organized to visit fullfiled our desires and therefore we all are congratulates with the agency that I will highly recomend to my friends.

Best regards and hope to hear once again from you.
Email: julio.calvete@uv.es
Julio Calvete - August, 2011.
Здравствуйте, Уважаемые!
Хотим выразить Вам огромную благодарность за организацию нашего отдыха в Камбодже и Вьетнаме с 4 по 22 августа! Мы в Восторге от поездки, от экскурсий и отдыха на море! Узнали много полезного, интересного, отдохнули от рутины повседневной жизни. Ваш регион очень большой и мы видели только малую часть, поэтому, думаем, что мы еще вернемся. Есть и пожелание - больше строить отелей с удобным выходом к морю, организовать более безопасные варианты перехода улиц (все таки очень неприятно и опасно, когда не пропускает никто). Но это мелочи в сравнении с полученным положительным зарядом от поездки. Привет нашим гидам Сам Нангу (извините, если направильно написал), Лене и Розе.
Большое Вам спасибо!
Надеемся на встречу в будущем!
Email: nalobinva@mail.ru
Владимир и Ольга, Россия, г. Урай - August, 2011.
Дорогая Минь Чан, здравствуйте !

Мы только что вернулись из нашего путешествия. После Вьетнама мы были еще в Таиланде.
Хотим поблагодарить Вас за прекрасно организованное путешествие по Камбодже и Вьетнаму.
Нам все очень понравилось: и сами страны, и гиды, и отели, и программа. Спасибо Вам огромное !
Мы получили большое удовольствие !

Будем рекомендовать Вашу компанию своим друзьям и родственникам. И обязательно напишем про Вас
в Tripadviser.
Еще раз спасибо !

Желаем процветания Вашей компании !
Email: maestris@netvision.net.il
Эли Брилович & Co - April, 2011
Dear Alice,
I just wanted to thank you for all your excellent help in planning our wonderful trip. We were very pleased with all the hotels you helped us to select, they all met our need for a bit more space and exceeded our expectations in terms of being lovely and comfortable. Our room on the top floor of the Tirant was a real winner, with a fantastic view. We were so grateful for your knowledge of when we were going to need a taxi or a taxi and a guide. It could have been quite stressful without that help you arranged for us.
It was so nice to have you to call when I thought I had lost my special back support seat and could not figure out how to call the proper people. Because you helped me check all possibilities of having accidentally left it somewhere, it became clear that it was stolen, not lost, in the Siem Reap airport. I guess I took my eyes off it a moment. I hope it is being used by someone who has a bad back from too many years in the rice fields and needs it even more than I did. (I had a tailor in Hoi An help me create a necessary substitute) And your call to tell us about the unusual weather in Sapa was unexpected and kind and helpful! I want you to know that you did a really excellent job helping us with this trip. We could not have done it without your knowledge, persistence and skill, and I have already given your name to two friends who want to go to Vietnam! Many thanks.
Email: margwhite@comcast.net
Margaret and Norman White - April, 2011.
Здравствуйте Толя.
Огромное Вам спасибо за организацию нашего отдыха. Нам все очень понравилось. Очень красивая страна и доброжелательные люди. Отдохнули на все 100%. Хочется вернутся еще раз.Отдельное спасибо нашим гидам в Ханое -Ване и в Ня Чанге Тимофею, а так же в Камбодже. В следующую нашу поездку обязательно воспользуюсь только Вашими услугами. СПАСИБО!!!
Email: tania1149@mail.ru
Татьяна Руденко - February, 2011
Мы путешествовали по Вьетнаму на новогодние каникулы в 2011 году. Наше путешествие было организовано с помощью менеджера Толи, и мы очень благодарны ему за точность и отзывчивость. Мы проехали по стране с севера на юг, от Ханоя до Фантьета, побывали в заливе ХаЛонг, в нескольких старинных городах Вьетнама. Везде всё было организовано очень хорошо. Тур у нас был индивидуальный и оказался очень интересным. Спасибо Толя! Спасибо нашим гидам Тане и Иван Иванычу!
Email: simonova@sbras.nsc.ru
Анна и Валентин Симоновы - January, 2011
To Minh Trang,
I wish to thank your company and in particular Alice Do for organising our recent 3 week tour of Laos and Vietnam.
Over many months Alice was in constant contact with us in Melbourne and even when we arrived in HCMC she made phone contact to indicate a sudden earlier flight. She finally met us , on her Sunday day off, to check that our holiday was a success.
Her attention to detail, her totally professional conduct and her superb command of English made for a memorable holiday for my wife, myself and two close friends. She organised Golden Tours in Laos to get us two excellent, personable, funny tour guides. All tours and nearly all flights went punctually. Our only problem in 3 weeks was arriving back in Melbourne on January 17 with our bags lost in transit. They arrived the next day.

If ever Alice, or any representative of your company is in Melbourne on a travel expo or convention, it would be my honour to offer them our hospitality and I would welcome contact from you if this occurs.

I have never contacted a travel firm before like this but the success of the holiday warranted my letting you know how highly we regard your fabulous employee Alice Do.

Please give her our sincere thanks and best wishes for her personal and working future. We will be referring our friends to Alice if they ever intend to tour any parts of South East Asia.
Email: wright.david.s@edumail.vic.gov.au
David Wright - January, 2011.
Hi Anh Phong,
Everything was perfect I don't remember any "unforseen incidents" You are profesinal travel office. All of 3 guides were super-very different from each other and we can learn about Vietnam in different points of viev. I will recomend you to everybody and I thing that you will have guests from Poland soon. It was great holiday for all of us. Vietnam is beautifull and more interested that other countries . I can say that because I visit many other countries in Asia. I find in Vietnam nice people great ancient monuments and nature. Your kitchen is delicious.
Email: karol@inweco.pl
Pozdrawiam Karol Chwastek - December, 2010.
Dear Alice,
We are now back home in Colorado and want to express our thanks to you for all the efforts you made to make our trip most enjoyable. Please feel free to use us as a reference to others who wish to use your services. Some comments for your information on the guides. Most of the guides were acceptable but especially in Viet Nam their English was hard to understand.  We did not connect with our guide in Hue. We forgot to submit our questionaire from TravelToCambodia but the guides Narim and Lem and driver were excellent. It was a pleasure to meet you and continued success in your endeavours.
Email: cfsimon2002@gmail.com
Fred & Carolyn - December, 2010.
Добрый день, уважаемая Саша!

Большое спасибо за организацию нашего проживания в отеле Hoi An Beach Resort и за Ваше внимание к нам и отзывчивость.
Мы остались очень довольны отдыхом. Хотели бы воспользоваться Вашими услугами в следующую нашу поездку во Вьетнам.
Вьетнам прекрасная страна, в ней живут хорошие люди!
Email: dmitrysapronov@mail.ru
Sapronov Dmitriy - July, 2010.
Dear Alice,

Just a few words to thank you for helping us to have such a marvelous trip in Vietnam in february.
All the accomodations were great (specially in Nhatrang and Hoi An!!), and all the drivers were very professional.
A special mention for our guide Ann in the Mekong delta.
We hope to come again in Vietnam, be sure we contact you for this new travel.
Sincerely yours
Email: ddarnold@free.fr
Danielle, Denis and Léo ARNOLD - May, 2010.
Добрый день,Толя! Еще раз хотим поблагодарить Вас за незабываемый отдых. Во Вьетнаме мы отдыхали в четвертый раз, но подготовительный период в этом году принес даже удовольствие. Приятно было общаться с Вами, профессионализм и широко известное вьетнамское дружелюбие сделали свое дело.Отдых удался на славу. Наши друзья сейчас планируют отдохнуть во Вьетнаме и обязательно воспользуются Вашими услугами. А мы прощаемся до следующей весны. С дружеским приветом.
Email: tseunova@mail.ru
Marina & Vladimir- April, 2010.
Здравствуйте Минь Чан, еще раз хочется сказать огромное спасибо за наш отдых . Мы отдыхали во Вьетнаме в марте -апреле 2010 года, У нас остались не забываемые впечатления от отпуска, Вьетнам сниться до сих пор . С помощью вашей компании ,мы побывали в Камбодже. Все очень понравилось ,отель был замечательный и гиды молодцы. Камбоджа это сказочное место ,и если наши друзья поедут в Камбоджу, то только через вашу компанию. Отдыхали мы 21 день, и не разу не были разочарованны ,что весь тур организовали с вашей помощью. Особенно понравился отель White Sand Resort Doclet ,это место куда мы обязательно вернемся, просто рай. Планируем повторить свое путешествие по северу Вьетнама и с вашей помощью посетить Лаос ,поэтому не прощаемся .а говорим до свидание. И конечно всем своим друзьям советуем организовать свой отпуск с вашей помощью. Кто планирует свой отпуск провести во Вьетнаме ,и есть вопросы ,пишите.
Хабаровск Ольга и Александр.
Email: icekhv@bk.ru
Olga & Alexander - April, 2010.
Добрый день.
Хотим выразить благодарность коллективу вашей компании за помощь в организации нашего незабываемого путешествия в удивительном и прекрасном Вьетнаме. Надеюсь, что мы к вам еще вернемся.
С уважением Дмитрий и Дарья Малкины.
Email: caplya01@mail.ru
Dmitriy & Daria Malkini - April, 2010.
Здравствуйте Минь Чан Ms.
Хочу выразить Вам свою благодарность, за отдых , который Вы нам организовали. Большое Вам спасибо. Нам все очень понравилось. Обязательно буду Вас рекомендовать своим знакомым.
Надеюсь на этом наше сотрудничество не закончится.
Как только примерно решим куда мы поедем в следующий раз, так сразу Вам напишу.
Еще раз Вас благодарю.
Email: me-75@mail.ru
Ekaterina - April, 2010
Dear Alice,

Giuseppina and I are now back in Amsterdam after a long flight back via Bangkok. We just wanted to say thank you for making our stay in Viet Nam so wonderful. It was much better than we ever anticipated and that was largely due to the wonderful job you did for us. We are truly grateful and have wonderful memories of our stay - especially with the great lacquer and eggshell gifts you gave to us.

I am sure we will back. So we hope that our paths will cross again. Remember, you said that you would get hotel quotes for Roy and I.

All the best and thanks again.
Email: shahdavid@mac.com
David Shah - April, 2010
Dear Alice

This is far too late but it is sincere. Thank you so much for our great time in Vietnam. Everything worked very well. We really enjoyed seeing each place. Hue and Hoian were particularly interesting. Our guides and drivers in Saigon and Hue were superb. We could not have had better service or attention. They were all wonderful men who gave us very special memories of the gorgeous Vietnamese people. We also enjoyed Hanoi and Halong Bay. Although we did feel that the Intercontinental hotel was a little bit too far away. We really enjoyed being closer to the action as we were at the Metropole. Our junk was superb at Halong Bay. That was an excellent choice.

Again thank you so much. You did a superb job and we would recommend you to any of our friends.
Email: warwickrwaddell@live.com.au
Kaye and Warwick Waddell - March, 2010
Hi Phong! I am so very sorry to be so late writing to you, but wanted to tell you how much Karen Wilson and I, Mary Jane Mardesen, enjoyed our tour through SE Asia organized by you and your company. There were absolutely no problems. All guides were congenial and helpful... all things we saw were very interesting and the drivers were very skilled. We felt safe at all times, enjoyed the company of guides and drivers always, loved the hotels ( except the New York Hotel in Phnom Penh) and generally just were amazed at how easily everything flowed. The New York Hotel should not be listed as a 3 star hotel as it's badly in need of repairs. However, in its defense, the staff was sweet and everything was as clean as possible.
We will certainly recommend your company and you to any travelers we know who are thinking of coming to SE Asia. We know you would treat them well. Thanks so much Phong!
Email: mmardesen000@centurytel.net
Karen Wilson & Mary Jane Mardesen - Jan, 2010.
Hi Alice

Unfortunately the holidays past by already and we’re back at work in Shanghai. But we still have a very nice memory of the time we spent in your very nice and interesting country Vietnam and also from Cambodia too.
Therefore we, my girl friend and I, would like to thank you very much for your excellent organization and your great support for this trip. Thank you very much.
After less than 3 weeks we turn back to Switzerland, but if this is ok with you, we recommend you and your office to our friends here and at our home too, if someone of them plans to travel to Vietnam and or Cambodia.

We wish you all the best and good luck.
Kind regards
Email: philipp.dudli@hubersuhner.com
Rachel & Philipp- November, 2009.
Hello Alice.

It was lovely to meet you and thank you very much for the gifts which we shall keep as a souvenir of a wonderful experience.
I have to say that the organisation of our trip was excellent and the guides and drivers were all first class.

If I may pass on a couple of obervations which might want to think about for the future.
I am sorry to say that the airport hotel was very very poor and not of standard you should be using, it was shabby and not clean and the "dining room" was a cafe for locals! We would gladly have stayed further from the airport (say 30mins) in a quality hotel.
However this was our only negative experience of the trip.
Another thing you might consider is transfer from HCMC to Pnom Pehn by road, I understand it takes about 5hrs and is an interesting trip. So the time is about the same as flying. Cheaper? It could be an option which you offer.

Finally. Thank you and your company again for organising such a wonderful holiday. We would not hesitate to reccommend you to anyone thinking of travelling to Vietnam and Camodia.
Warmest Regards.
Email: davewithmga@hotmail.com
Dave and Deborah - November, 2009.

Здравствуйте Толя!
Ну вот мы и дома.Огромный привет Вам из Москвы!Извините,что не написали сразу.По приезду началась какая то суета,появились разные дела. Но зато сейчас немного пришли в себя и появилась возможность еще раз поблагодарить Вас за отлично организованный отдых. Благадаря стараниям сотрудников вашей компаниии мы теперь влюблены во Вьетнам!Нам понравилось абсолютно все: Ваша страна,культура,народ,все экскурсии и отели которые Вы нам предложили.Отдельное спасибо хочется сказать нашим водителям и нашему гиду по Сайгону Лиэн,которая отвечала на все наши вопросы,очень хорошо знает историю своей страны и отлично говорит по русски.Большое спасибо Ване,за его внимание и отличную организацию всех наших экскурсий из Муйнэ. В заключении хочется сказать:Вьетнам,большая и очень интересная страна,а мы пока увидели очень маленькую ее часть,поэтому мы не прощаемся с Вами,а говорим до свидания,в надежде на скорую встречу.
Рассказывая о поездке, рекомендуем своим знакомым вашу Компанию, как надежного партнера.
С уважением.

Email: abkv@bk.ru
Elena & Alexey - October, 2009.
Дорогие друзья! Большое вам спасибо за отдых, организованный вашей фирмой. Отдыхали мы в отеле Терракота в Муй Не в сентябре 2009 года.Все наши пожелания по отдыху были выполнены. Нам очень понравился отдых в вашей чудесной стране и замечательные люди. Благодарны Толе, который прекрасно говорит по русски и очень оперативно реагировал на все наши пожелания. Я написала в интернете небольшой отзыв.Возможно Вам будет интересно прочесть.
http://story.travel.mail.ru/story/show/262921/ - ссылка на мой отзыв о путешествии. Желаем вашей фирме успехов и дальнейшего процветания.
Email: violet1999@mail.ru
Galina - September, 2009.
Здравствуйте, Уважаемая Госпожа Минь Чан!

Хотелось бы Вас еще раз поблагодарить за наш отдых. Все было просто замечательно! Вьетнам - очень красивая страна, в которой живут добрые и приветливые люди!

У Вас в компании очень чуткий персонал! Нам очень понравились наши гиды и конечно же наш водитель! Спасибо Вам огромное! Мы полюбили Вьетнам!!

У Вас очень выгодные условия предоставления отдыха, но к сожалению далеко не все сидят в интернете в поисках подходящего туроператора, и о вашей фирме знает очень мало людей. Вам бы представителя вашей компании во Владивостоке для привлечения клиентов, Ваши брошюры по предоставлению отдыха тоже бы не помешали. Я думаю, что количество клиентов у Вас таким образом увеличилось бы.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Василий и Елена....
Email: alena-k86@mail.ru
Vasiliy & Elena - Honeymooners in August, 2009.
Dear Vanessa,

So I am happy back home from Vietnam with my daughter. I would like to thank you very much for everything, all was very well organized and we had great time in Vietnam. You did a very good job, we were very satisfied. By the way – the Maison Hanoi was the best hotel from all we had. Thank you for recommendation.

Best regards

Email: andreabaisova@palacecinemas.sk
Andrea Baisová - July, 2009.
Dear Sally,

It was so nice to meet you in person in Saigon during my trip to Vietnam. I just wanted to let you know that the rest of the trip was just great.
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The 2 young guys who were my guides were excellent – friendly and knowledgeable and very patient and kind.
Drivers were very good too. I probably would stay longer in Hoi An next time as it was a very fascinating place. I bought heaps of clothes there!!!!
A big, big thank you to YOU for organising such a wonderful experience of Vietnam for me and being SO helpful.
I hope I can visit Vietnam another time!

Kind regards,
Bronwen Gill
Email: bronwen.gill@jis.edu.bn
Bronwen GILL - May, 2009.
Здравствуйте, Tolia!
Наконец-то я дома и могу написать Вам благодарность за хорошую организацию нашего отдыха. Поездка была очень интересная. Все отели комфортные, люди доброжелательные, еда вкусная. Гид Роза работала на отлично, рассказывала интересно и помогала во всем, даже душ нам организовала перед вылетом из Сайгона.
Гид в Нячанге тоже старался, но как-то не профессионально, очень мало рассказывал и не всегда понятно.Отдых в Нячанге нам понравился больше. Там интереснее, есть чем заняться. В следующий раз поедем в Нячанг или Дананг. Очень жаль, что не попали на пляжный фестиваль в Нячанге, приготовления там были серьезные.
В общем и целом отдых был замечательный! Страна у Вас интересная и люди хорошие. Берегите свою культуру и не стремитесь стать такими-же как все!
С благодарностью, Ольга!
Email: dflbv.94@mail.ru
Olga Yushko - Июнь 2009г.
Чанг, добрый день!

Хочу Вам сказать от всей нашей семьи огромное спасибо за прекрасно проведенное время во Вьетнаме и Камбоджи. У нас остались не забываемые впечатления от отпуска.
Все было на высшем уровне!

С уважением,
Поминов Владимир
Email: VPominov1@alfabank.ru
Vladimir Pominov - Май 2009г.
Добрый день, Tolia!
Хочу поблагодарить Вас за прекрасно организованный тур!!! Сказать огромное спасибо нашим гидам в Ханое Тону и Зуану, нашим водителям. Ваша прекрасная страна и Ваш удивительно добрый и отзывчивый народ оставили в наших сердцах незабываемые впечатления!!! Мы рады, что воспользовались услугами Вашей фирмы - качество работы, которой заслуживает только отличной оценки! Надеемся вернуться во Вьетнам еще много раз и конечно обязательно воспользуемся Вашими услугами. Еще раз благодарим Вас и желаем всего самого доброго!!!

P.S. В приложении привет из Муйние.

С уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями,Ольга.
Email: soi-rus@mail.ru
Ольга Шанина - Май 2009г.
Hi Alice,

It's been 2 months since we came back from Vietnam. Thank you very much for arranging our trip. It was really great. We (my husband & I) like so much our Vietnam holiday, especially Halong Bay cruise, Hué & Hoi An. Everything was ok, we had no problems at all. To tell you the truth, we were quite nervous after transferring the money. Well, that was the first time we booked a holiday tour from internet and we didn't know whether you were real or not.

Our boat on Halong bay, Jasmine, was very nice. The manager upgraded us from deluxe room to suite, which is very generous. The difference between deluxe & suite, beside the jacuzzi, is the bed in suite is facing the window, so we had an impressive scenery of beautiful limestones during the cruise. Actually, I would suggest to have 2 nights on the boat (the second day program is to do kayaking on the bay). One night is not enough as the journey took 3 hours one way from Hanoi by car.

Imperial city of Hué is very impressive. Our tour guide here was very knowledgeable, we were quite well informed. The imperial lunch (included in the tour) in YThao Garden was quite an experience, I liked it very much. We also liked Hoi An very much, our hotel Victoria has a great location on China beach. I think it's the best hotel there, it has several times a day free transfer to Hoi An, which is perfect. Hoi An was great, one of the house we visited reminded me of my grandparents' house in Central Java, with a Chinese altar for ancestors in the middle, very similar.

We had 3 nights in Nha Trang, it was nice for snorkeling, but I think next time, I would rather stay one more night in Hoi An and less night in Nha Trang, the beach in Hoi An is more beautiful.

Thank you very much and best regards
Email:  joeana.brosda@hotmail.com
Joeana Brosda Svetlana - April, 2009.
Здравствуйте , Толя.

Хотим сказать Вам огромное спасибо за прекрасно организованный тур, за профессионализм Вашего агентства и всех гидов, которые с нами работали.
После такого приема хочется снова и снова приезжать к Вам в гости. И ,видимо, мы так и сделаем.
Желаем успехов и процветания.

С благодарностью и уважением.

С. Мельничук
А.Теплов X 2
Email: smelnitchouk@ru.loreal.com
Svetlana Melnitchouk - Апрель 2009г.
THANK YOU Mr. Phong,

Yes, we had a lovely holiday and wish to say a very big Thank you for your Organisation of our tour. Every thing went very well, our accommodation was excellent, our Drivers and guides were professional and very good to us. The children loved Mr Son in Saigon/ Chi cu Tunnels; Mr Ha in Sapa was excellent with the children and a very good guide, Mr Ming?? At Hue /Danang and MR Quong at Hoi a was so informative about the Cham people. They were all excellent and could you pass on our thanks to each of them. I hope I have their names correct.

Our Guide to Halong bay was excellent and the quality of the tour was fantastic.

We have recommended you to our Friends here in Broome – the ladies name is Arlene Marnardo and I think they would like to visit Vietnam in July so I have recommend your company and they have viewed our itinerary. I think they will make contact and let you know what they would like to do.

Kind regards,

Louise & Bill Bowran and Family
Email: Louise Bowran
Travel to Vietnam in April, 2009.
Добрый день, Минь Чан!

Вам пишет Ольга из России. Мы отдыхали с Вашей компанией с 01/03/09 по 14/03/09.  Пишу уже из дома.  Хотела поблагодарить Вас за все. Все очень понравилось, замечаний ни к сервису ни к отелям нет. Буду рекомендовать Вас своим знакомым и друзьям. Огромное спасибо.

С уважением,
Эмайл: O.Ohremchuk@dalcombank.ru
Ольга - в Марте 2009.
Dear Vanessa,

I thought that the postcarde would have arrived to thank you for all the brilliant organisation which you did. It really was very good and I hope that you will tell your manager that we thought that you gave us an excellent service. I will be recommending you to frienda who may wish to go to Vietnam.

We so enjoyed your country.

Many thanks,
Sandra Houston
Email: sandrahouston@toucansurf.com
Sandra Houston - March 2009.
I wanted to thank Jennifer for her prompt, professional, and friendly service. She has saved my vacation from being a disaster. Past few days, I have had difficulty with online booking from other websites. She came through for us and we appreciated very much. Please express our gratitude to Jennifer.

Tam Eatley
Email: tam.eatley@nwa.com
Tam Eatley - February 2009.
Dear Sally,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip we had!!! We liked Vietnam and Cambodia a lot and hope to come back soon. Everything was great! Thank you again!

Kind regards,
Olga and Valentina
Email: batievskaya@yandex.ru
Olga and Valentina - January 2009.
Hi Sally,

We are finally back in Canada in the cold weather. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us plan our trip and always making sure that everything was okay. Although our trip in Vietnam was too short, this is just a reason for us to come back in the near future. We both thought that everything went smoothly, the drivers were always on time for pick-ups, the tour guides were very knowledgeable about the history of their country and they were also very fun to spend the day with especially our tour guide Trung for the Mekong Delta tour who we enjoyed very much his fun personality. We have many friends that want to visit Vietnam and we will definitely refer them to you if they need help planning their trip.

Again, thank you and hopefully we will see each other in the near future.

Email: thien_my_truong@hotmail.com
Thien My Truong - January 2009.
Приветствуем, дорогая Минь Чан!

Были во Вьетнаме с вашей помощью в ноябре 2008г., сразу написать не получилось, слишком много событий произошло при возвращении домой. А сейчас вот собрались вас поблагодарить за все, что вы сделали!! Огромное вам спасибо, с такой замечательной организацией отдыха и вниманием и помощью в решении возникавших проблем во время нахождения в вашей дружелюбной стране, ни разу еще встречаться не приходилось, хотя мы путешествуем достаточно часто. Теперь рекламируем вас всем своим друзьям и знакомым, плюс хочется оставить теплое слово и в отзывах. Мы были во Вьетнаме сразу после наводнения: в Ханое мы даже этого не заметили, Халонг - супер, превзошел все наши ожидания; в Ня Чанге же столкнулись с последствиями наводнения непосредственно, и именно Минь Чан помогла нам максимально оперативно организовать замену отеля (немножко затопленного :))), помогала с транспортом, в общем дедала все возможное для организации нашего счастливого отдыха.

Спасибо за ваше внимание! Мы это очень ценим. Планируем с вашей помощью еще побывать в Камбодже и Лаосе. Поэтому не прощаемся!!!!
Эмайл: linbor@mail.ru
Борис и Галина. Россия. Хабаровск - Ноябрь 2008.
Hi Alice!

Just a few words to say that my stay in Vietnam was unforgeteable. Mr. Le was a great tour guide, with Mr. Q the driver they make a good team.

All the service was well done by your company, always on time y very kind and polite people. Rosaliza hotel was perfect for me y the junk was also OK.

So thank you very much for your amd your colegues work.

Best regards,
Cristina Fuertes
Email: cfctl@hotmail.com
Cristina Fuertes - October 2008.
Hi Sally

I wanted to send you a quick email now that we are back in Australia.

Firstly thank you for all of your assistance. I also wanted to provide you with some feedback on the hotels and transfer service:

Hotels: Hanoi Elegance #3 - brilliant. Great rooms and very good staff Elios Hotel - very good however not in a very good area Sunrise Nha Trang - absolutely brilliant. We loved this hotel Victoria Hoi An - good but very tired. The property has deteriorated since I last stayed there.

Airport Transfer: These were not upto the same standard as the last time I used them from your company. Have you change drivers?Previously the drivers would assist with luggage and even assist with check in if we neeeded. This time there was very little assistance at all. The best driver was the one we had in Nha Trang.

Hope this feedback assists you in the future.

Email: g.camilleri@aapt.net.au
Geraldine King & Roger Puckridge - September 2008.
Dear Ms. Jennifer,

Hello! hope everything well with you, I apologized for not giving you a call before I left Saigon but it was nice to met you in person I had a great time in your country and hope to be back there again soon and see all the beautiful places in Vietnam, my holiday vacation is very short and hope next time will make it longer.
Sorry for my late letter was busy the past day after retured from vacation,fixed up some work I left.
How about you? hope you had a great time at work.

Take care,
Mayette Mindanao - September 2008.
Dear Alice

It has been a month now and our feet have finally touched the ground. You organised such a wonderful trip for us and we have many great memories. The guides you chose for us were outstanding. They were friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and professional. We visited many places at the right pace and saw things I could not even imagine. The hotels you selected for us were exceptional. The pace of the holiday was what impressed me most. I was expecting to be too tired to enjoy Vietnam as there are so many things to enjoy. You arranged our trip so that we could see so many things and experience so many places, but still have time to stop and enjoy the moment.

I am so looking forward to another holiday, maybe even next year if things turn out alright here in Australia. I am keen to see Da Lat and maybe stay there a week and visit another area for a week.

Thanks again for the great holiday. I hope you are well. Say hello to Long for us if you see him. I hope his boy is doing well at school and soccer and that Long has not drunk all that rice wine he bought yet!

Stephen and Christine Rawlinson
Pittwater High School
Mona Street
Mona Vale
NSW 2101
Email: STEPHEN.RAWLINSON@education.nsw.gov.au 
April 2008.
Hi again!

Yesterday we came home from our holiday in Vietnam. It always feels good to come home, but we really had a very nice time in Vietnam, you have a beautiful country you can be proud of, at it is full of nice people.

We want to once again thank you for all your help with reservations of tickets and hotels, and hope that we can count on your help even in the future when we return to your country. And we promise to recommend you to all our friends!

Best wishes from all of us!

Martin & Christina Åberg with friends.
Email: martin.aberg@ptj.se
March 2008.
Dear Jennifer Quyen and Minh Trang

We are now back in the cold Sweden again!
We want to thank you for a very exciting, interesting and wonderful stay in Vietnam. All your arrangements/tours were just Great.
The choice of hotels the picks up and deliveries to airports; we must say, everything worked out perfectly.
If we come back to Vietnam we will definitely use your services again.
Until then a lot of kind regards from us all.

Bengt Gustavsson.
PS Please also give from us all; all the best regards to the different excellent guides and drivers DS.
February 2008.
Большое спасибо за организацию тура!!!!

надеюсь, что в будущем воспользуемся услугами вашего агенства!
Своим друзьям буду рекомендовать ваше агенство!
Еще раз огромное спасибо!

С уважением,
Сизоненко Василиса
Старший аудитор
ЗАО БДО Юникон
Январь 2008.
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