u Types of Visa
u How to Get Visa Approval
u Notes on Applying a Visa
u Vietnam Embassies
u Send Visa Form Online
Visa Application Form
Please go through these steps to make your application.
Note: asterisk (*) means required field.
All names must be entered as appeared on the passports.
1. Personal information
Full Name*: first - middle - last (as on the passport)
Email Address*: City*:
Phone Number*: State/Province:
Fax Number: country - area - num. - ext. Zip/Postal Code:
2. Information for visa
Date of Birth*: Gender*:
Place of Birth*: Nationality*:
Passport Number*: Date of Issuance*:
Place of Issuance*: Date of Expiry*:
Purpose of Visiting Vietnam*:
Accompanying Children on parent's passport (if any)
Full Name: Date of Birth:
Full Name: Date of Birth:
3. Proposed date of entry and exit
Entry Date*: Type of Visa*:
Exit Date*: Port of Arrival*:
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