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Anal sacs poodle

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    Do you feel bad watching a Bruce Lee movie?

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    It was heaven.

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    Each sac is connected by a tiny duct to an opening just inside the anus. The walls of the anal sacs are lined with numerous specialised sebaceous sweat glands that secrete a smelly, oily, brown fluid that is stored in the anal sacs. Some of these smelly yellow-brown secretions are released through the ducts when the dog defecates. In addition to their role as scent glands, the anal sacs assist with the regulation of stool consistency and the elimination of toxins. Anal sac disease is the most common disorder of the anal region in dogs.
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    Anal Glands and Poodles

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    Anal sac disorder in dogs | Bow Wow Meow

    Each gland or sac opens into the anal area through a small duct. Unfortunately, the anal sacs can, on occasion, cause a variety of serious and painful problems. The exact function of the anal glands is often disputed and scientists still do not know why the sacs are there at all or why they sometimes cause problems. Some experts believe that they lubricate the passage of bowel movements. Others think they are involved in sex determination — that the odor secreted by these glands enables a dog to determine the sex of another dog upon meeting. Dogs usually meet one another by smelling the anal sac area; this has led to the assumption that pheromones hormones that stimulate the social and sexual behavior of animals of the same species released from the sacs play an important role in communication.
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    How to Clean Anal Glands of a Poodle

    We are getting a little medical on the blog today. Keep James in your prayers. He has been sick for a few days.
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    The secreted substance is normally an oily, brownish fluid that packs a strong odor. Liquid held inside the sac is usually expelled when a dog defecates, but if this does not occur on a regular basis, the material inside thickens, which makes it harder to pass. Then you see your dog scooting his bum on the ground or licking around the area. If the anal glands are not emptied they can become impacted and an abscess can form, which then bursts through the skin leaving a smelly, bloody, painful mess. This may be a temporary thing, such as during an episode of diarrhea, or it may be an ongoing issue.
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